The Importance of the Arts in our Society

Ahha advocates around important issues that affect the arts and nonprofit sectors. Our community and peers help us by engaging in a model of collective impact. We can do more together. 

The Arts & Humanities Council

The heart of our advocacy work comes from a dedicated group of arts leaders, the Arts & Humanities Council, who develop a core list of advocacy issues on an annual basis. Affiliates of the Council include over 100 local arts organizations. Learn more about Council Affiliates.

Core Advocacy Issues

  • Art for Art’s Sake: Public Funding for the Arts
  • Education: Funding, Public Broadcasting, STEAM, Teacher Pay
  • Economic Development: Creative Economy, Entrepreneurship, Federal Historic Tax Credits, Downtown Investment, Tourism
  • Nonprofits: Charitable Deductions, Johnson Amendment, Nonprofit Rights
  • Quality of Life: Walkability, Parks and Playgrounds, Public Transportation
  • Government and Civic Engagement: State Tax Revenue Reform, Voter Engagement

You can help!

Every voice counts when supporting the arts. We encourage arts supporters to use the tools from the organizations below to make your opinion heard.

Oklahomans for the Arts has excellent tools for contacting state legislators and talking points about how to start a conversation.

Americans for the Arts educates the public on the top issues affecting the arts nationwide. You can also find your legislators on their website.

National Council of Nonprofits has information on trends and policy issues that impact all nonprofits.