Any Given Child-Tulsa

Arts Education for Every Student

Any Given Child-Tulsa provides equity and access in arts education for every K-8 student who attends Tulsa Public Schools. This is accomplished through 14 partners working collaboratively to fund and implement arts education programming, both in the classroom and the community.

A National Initiative

The Goal of the Kennedy Center’s Any Given Child program is to assist communities in developing and implementing a plan for expanded arts education in their schools, ensuring access and equity for all students in grades K-8. Tulsa is one of only 25 cities across the nation selected to participate in this initiative.

The Need

Equity and access to strong arts education remains an issue for too many students. For many young people, access to arts education during their school years is sporadic and uneven. They may have access during some years and none during others. A strong district arts education plan is achieved when all students, in Kindergarten through grade 8, have ongoing and equal access to learning in and through the arts. 99% of surveyed Tulsa Public Schools teachers report they believe the arts are necessary in a balanced curriculum.


Decades of research has show that arts education:

  • Develops the creativity and critical thinking skills needed for innovation
  • Engages students through multiple modes of learning
  • Develops confidence, communication, collaboration and other leadership skills
  • Contributes to a positive school and community environment and
  • Has a positive impact on academic achievement

A Community Owned Initiative

Any Given Child-Tulsa is a community-based, collective impact initiative, so it does not belong to any single organization. Ahha serves as the Lead Partner Organization, in collaboration with Tulsa Public Schools and 12 other Tulsa arts organizations. Ahha and a group of stakeholders called the Community Arts Team Implementation Committee work together to provide oversight and serve as the decision-making body.


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