Found on Side of Road

February 1–March 24, 2019 | THE GALLERY

Programs & Events

First Friday Art Crawl Opening Reception
Friday, February 1, 2019
Member Lounge opens at 5:00 PM
Opening Reception 6:00-9:00 PM

About the exhibition

Photographs are not neutral documents—they’re the result of a photographer’s artistic choices. For his series Found on Side of Road, Tulsa photographer Jack Bryant constructed images that convey his own perspective of the complex realities of life in Oklahoma.

Jack is fascinated with scenes he discovers during his travels across the state. With digital camera in hand, he seeks the perfect subject, composition, and quality of light to create an image. He’s also keenly aware of the personal stories and social histories that objects—and the resulting photographs—can suggest.

The narrative potential of pictures further widens as viewers begin their own interpretations. As you explore this exhibition, imagine the possible stories each image can tell. How do your own experiences affect the way you experience Jack’s photographs?

Meet the artist

Jack Bryant’s journey as a photographer began with a Brownie Holiday camera long since replaced, but none more loved.  As a lawyer, photography was a professional tool and a personal pleasure.  As a Unitarian Universalist Minister, he found a passion for combining words, images, and music in audio-visual presentations.  His primary interest remained still photography, the search for images that both revealed something of life and allowed for personal self-expression.

After retiring from the ministry, Jack studied photography at the University of Tulsa. His photography reflects his eclectic education and life experience and mirrors his belief in the necessity to both examine life and to seek to continuously reinvent oneself.  The majority of this current exhibit is made with a digital camera although philosophically he prefers the discipline and more thoughtful pace of film mediums.

Work created for this exhibition is supported in part by a grant from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition.

Image credit: Jack Bryant, Untitled, 2018.

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