The Art of Protest

Spring 2019 | Pop-up exhibition in THE STUDIO

Call for Submissions

Did you participate in the 2018 teacher walkout? We want to exhibit your handcrafted posters, signs, buttons, and other protest items!

Please submit your posters, signs, and stories here.

About the Exhibition

In 2018, thousands of Oklahoma educators participated in a state-wide protest of poor working conditions and flagging public funding for schools. To communicate their frustration and rally support for their cause, many teachers created posters, banners, and other items to take to rallies across the state. These creative expressions of protest pervaded local and national media throughout the ten-day walk out. In an upcoming exhibition featuring these handcrafted items, ahha Tulsa will commemorate the creativity of the teachers and their communities.

Ahha Tulsa advocates for important issues that affect the arts and nonprofit sectors. A core issue for our collective impact group is education – specifically funding, public broadcasting, STEAM, and teacher pay. To learn more about our joint advocacy efforts, visit our advocacy page.

Image courtesy Taylor Painter-Wolfe.

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