TAC @ ahha

October 5 - November 25, 2018 | THE GALLERY

Opening Reception
First Friday Art Crawl
Friday, October 5, 2018
Opening Reception 5:00-9:00 PM

The Artist is IN! 
Saturday, October 20
2:00–5:00 PM

This year marks the 30th Tulsa Artists’ Coalition (TAC) juried exhibition. Selected from about 275 submissions, the objects on view represent recent work by TAC members.

TAC @ ahha also reveals a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the business of being an artist. In this exhibition, you are invited to…

  • Explore how and why juried shows like TAC @ ahha are organized
  • Consider the economic impact of arts and culture
  • Become a juror and share your thoughts about the works on view

Exhibiting artists
Amanda Fabian
Andrea Martin
Anitra Lavanhar
Ann Davis
Ann Shannon
Anne Solomon
Ariel Stephenson
Ashley Eldridge
Askin Ercan
Beth Burgess
Bethie Seay
Beverly Wissen
Brent Brander
Brian Dehart
Brooke Golightly
Byron Shen
Cady Carlson
Camille Suter
Carla Hefley
Cheryl Capps-Roach
Chuck Tomlins
Clancey Michele
Constance Henson
Cynthia Brown
Cynthia Marcoux
Daryl Reimer
David Anderson
David Douthitt
David Morrison
Dean Wyatt
Deborah Ross
Denise Paglio
Destiny Green
Dian Church
Diane Salamon
Don Wood
Doug Cluck
Elder James
Fernanda Thompson
J. V. Green
Jack Bryant
James Gaar
Janice McCormick
Janis Walker
Jason Wilson
Jean Fausser
Jeremy (JFRO) Arnold
Jim Terrell
Jim Weaver
Jini Kim
Jo Sullivan
John Gaskill
Josie Garcia
Karen St. Clair
Karin Cermak
Kate Kline
Kathleen Casillas-Gray
Katrinka Booth
Kevin Naifeh
Kevin Rouk
Kristal Tomshany
Kristin Gentry
Lee Anne Zeigler
Lyn Lucas
Lynne Baldwin
Margaret Aycock
Matthew Presley
Michael Palazzo
Michael Springer
Micheal Jones
Michele Lasker
Michelle Bradsher
Mike Tedford
Miriam Young
Neil Cluck
Noah Zwayer
RC Morrison
Rebecca Joskey
Rita Rowe
Robert Wakely III
Sally Bachman
Sean Tyler
Sharyl Landis
Sheryl Miller
Sonia Sniderman
Steve Tomlin
Steven Bjork
Susan Michael
Taylor Painter-Wolfe
Teresa Wilber
Terry Turner
Todd Sparks
Tom Payne
Tommy Brown
Tyler Leutsch
Walt Kosty
Western Doughty


Examples of work on view: