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2013_dabfoto_ACT_cargoBus_025Photo by David A. Brown for A+C Texas

About The Cargo Space

We at AHHA are thrilled to be the inaugural destination for Grennan & Sperandio’s Cargo Space, the nation’s first and only mobile arts residency! What a rare and winning partnership has been crafted between our cultural communities. Cargo Space 77001>74103 is the maiden voyage for The Cargo Space.

The Cargo Space, the latest venture of international art duo Simon Grennan and Christopher Sperandio, is a diesel transit bus modified to become a living space that will sleep up to six.  The artists’ aim is to play host to cultural works of all stripes, and to directly engage a variety of communities across the southwest and beyond.

Focusing on artists at a core constituency, Grennan & Sperandio have developed The Cargo Space to directly address a need by providing a living and thinking space for like-minded peers, interested in exchange, both artist-to-artist and community-to-community.  Artists from all over the world are invited to investigate The Cargo Space, and to participate by living aboard and traveling for the purpose of thinking, lecturing and developing new artworks and exhibitions.  The exhibition in Tulsa is the maiden voyage for The Cargo Space and is proof of concept that artists and regional mobility are a previously unanticipated but needed combination.

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Artist Bios

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Christopher Sperandio
Rahul Mittra
Daniel Anguilu
Robert Pruitt
Seth Mittag
Mike Beradino
Natasha Bowdoin

About The Exhibition

The Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa Hardesty Arts Center will host THE CARGO SPACE October 4 – November 21, 2013.  The Cargo Space, the world’s first mobile artist residency, will move between Houston, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma, delivering multiple artists from Houston in order to produce a large exhibition at Tulsa’s iconic new visual arts institution, the Hardesty Arts Center.  In addition to bringing multiple significant Houston-based artists to Tulsa, Grennan & Sperandio will produce a book that is part documentation and part instruction manual for those who would like to follow suit and produce their own mobile living space.

More about Grennan & Sperandio

Since the late 1980s, new artworks for and with communities have been the core practice of Grennan & Sperandio, placing them among the earliest practitioners of what has been called relational or social practice art.  Landmark among their projects are the We Got It! Chocolate Bar for Culture in Action (1993), The Invisible City for the Public Art Fund (1999) and the documentary television series ARTSTAR (2006, 2008), that aired in more than 35 countries around the world.  Christopher Sperandio is an Assistant Professor of Art at Rice University.

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