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May 1 – July 5, 2015   |   curated by heather ahtone


Weaving relies on the careful cultivation and planning for a project that will transcend the limitations of the original material, bound in measured and intertwined parts, to have the potential to hold great burdens within its supportive walls. This is the nature of Intertwined, Stories of Splintered Pasts. Shan Goshorn and Sarah Sense have brought together their shared love of weaving to address the complex political and social history of Native American experiences through artistic examination.

Artist Statements & Perspectives

Artist Statement – Shan Goshorn
Shan Goshorn Biography

“The traditional shapes patterns and functions of Cherokee baskets inspire my work, but I am weaving with the contemporary medium of Arches Watercolor paper.  Paper (and the written word) has been used as a weapon against Native Americans in the form of treaties, ancestry rolls, laws, restrictions, and more.  By creating baskets out of paper printed with a variety of these documents and photographs, my work offers an opportunity to re-examine history from another point of view.”
– Shan Goshorn
Eastern Band Cherokee

Artist Statement – Sarah Sense
Sarah Sense Biography

“Like photographs, stories are a recorded history, merging time and memory repeatedly both orally and visually.  These works in INTERTWINED, Stories of Splintered Pasts focuses on history of family and the placement of self in a community and also as an outsider.  An architect once told me, ‘always be an outsider.’  I think that this was his way of understanding international socio-political circumstance when creating community dwellings.  I understand it now as a way to think differently, to understand something that may not be within reach emotionally.”
-Sarah Sense
Choctaw / Chitimacha

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Philbrook Museum of Art

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