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January 2 – March 22, 2015

AHHA Community Gallery


This collection of short films use dance as a medium for expressing the human experience.  Modern and contemporary dance films from the Oklahoma Dance Film Festival will be screened in a custom viewing theatre at the Hardesty Arts Center. Various films will rotate throughout the installation.


JANUARY:  Dance Beyond Borders

Films with a global theme, portraying dance as a universal language, expressing our greatest joys and deepest fears.

January 2 First Friday featured screening – “Defining Dance Films”


FEBRUARY: Earth / Environment

Dance set in natural and urban habitats. Featuring the acclaimed Austrailian film GAIA, and two works by Canadian artist Daniel Conrad.

February 6 First Friday featured screening – “Dance and Degas”


MARCH: Dance of the Humankind

A delightful collection of dance films performed by a variety of “uniquely human” populations.

March 6 First Friday featured screening – “Darn Good Dancing”


Vote for your favorite films to be screened at the OkDFF Best of the Fest Screening at Circle Cinema in March 2015.

For more information, visit:

Support of the OkDFF comes from the Bell House, the Oklahoma Arts Council and Circle Cinema.