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March 3 –  26, 2017  |  Community Gallery + Film Pod


The Oklahoma Dance Film Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary with public screenings scheduled through the month of March. The Hardesty Arts Center will run an installation of films during business hours, and present featured screenings on Tuesdays at noon and 6PM. On March 19th, Circle Cinema will host the featured film MR. GAGA, a documentary of Ohad Naharin, the creative genius behind Israel’s acclaimed contemporary dance company, Batsheva.

Film Pod Installation – March 3-26

Interior Pod:

Moving Southwark – Jevan Chowdhury, Kai Tomioka

Amuse – Ivo van Aart, Jonne Covers

Move On – Yasuaki Fujinami and Aiichiro Miyagawa

Syncretic Noise – Stephen Bullum, Jeff Salisbury


Exterior Walls:

This is Not Magritte – Ivan Skorik

Body Experiments – Melanie Beisswenger

Black Square – Timo Zhalnin, Elena Kuzmina

La Ruta Natural – Goga Riveros, Irvin Castro, Paola Cortes



Rooftop Screening – 3rd floor

First Friday, March 3rd


Motus – Oton Bačar, Nika Burazer, Žiga Jurečič, Enej Jurečič

Technicolor – Rico Mahel, Tatiana Mejia, Lunakid


Library Screenings – 2nd floor

Tuesday, March 7th

Noon, 6:00PM

Open – Lindsay Gauthier

Exquisite Corps – Mitchell Rose

Solo for Two – Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi, Kalina Duwadzinska

Dancing Day – Tytus Bergstrom

Caminatore –  Angela Rosales Challis, Elisabetta Bortolotto


Tuesday, March 14th

Noon, 6:00PM

Inevitable, Unfavorable – Christopher Huth, Kate Bishop

Dance of the Neurons – Jody Oberfelder, Eric Siegel

Chan – Manas Sirakanyan, Brahim Bouchelaghem

Indelible Memory of Her – Amanda Kapp, Chelsea Taylor

Bound – Monica Thomas


Tuesday, March 21st

Noon, 6:00PM

In the Darkness of the Theatre – Cláudia Varejão

* Documentary 1Hr 43Min



See website for more information.