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The Other Side of Logic

Jayne Lawrence

Exhibition Statement

Utilizing the dynamics of nature-based systems and subsystems, I combine disparate elements together based on similarities or irregularities in function, surface quality, and structure to create configurations that represent the mutual interdependencies that exist among the human, insect, and plant worlds.

Metaphorically, the insects represent “the other.” They symbolize transformation and endurance. Unlike humans, their sexual display is based on survival. The human elements represented are usually depicted in parts. Allegorically, they represent all humankind: sentient individuals that determine behavior based on logic, intuition, and emotions. The figures are faceless, morphed and conjoined with other elements, remnants of the unconscious. The architectural components represent systems that regulate our sense of place, culture and the practices we employ in a conditioned life. They suggest habitat, and functionality.

Moving toward abstraction, in works like Chroma_Z, where objective imagery has been flattened and simplified, I continue to reference nature by organizing puzzle-like pieces in helix formations much like DNA strands. Only a few of the components are joined together. The rest float along their serpentine pathways awaiting a locus. Everything represented is in a state of flux. The next coupling or final outcomes are unknown. We are the guests, observing and contemplating the process of creation.

My desire for this exhibition is to capture a moment, where difference is accepted, change is inevitable, and time is slowed.

– Jayne Lawrence




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Jayne Lawrence is a mixed media artist specializing in sculpture and drawing.  She spent the early part of her career as a commercial artist in Denver, Colorado and relocated to San Antonio, Texas in the early 80’s.  She received her BFA and MFA in Sculpture from the University of Texas at San Antonio where she has been teaching since 2000.
In 1993, while still in undergraduate school, she co/founded cactus bra Space, along with another UTSA graduate. The gallery, along with four other alternative spaces, closed in 2013 when the Blue Star Complex went through major renovations.

The three key reoccurring elements in Lawrence’s work are the human figure, insects and architectural components. Lawrence says, “I start from a place of knowing and end in a place of discovery, transformed.”

Lawrence has received awards from the International Sculpture Center in Hamilton, New Jersey, completed a two-month residency at Sculpture Space in Utica, New York, and was selected by L.A-based, independent curator and critic, Michael Duncan to represent South Texas artists in a solo exhibition as part of the 2009 Texas Biennale, and again in 2013, as part of the fifth anniversary of selected past Biennial artists.  In 2014, Lawrence ventured into the Guatemalan jungle as part of her research for a solo exhibition at the Southwest School of Art in 2015.

Lawrence’s work has been included in numerous exhibitions including, among others:

International Sculpture Center, Hamilton, NJ, University of New Mexico Art Museum, Albuquerque, NM, Laredo Center for the Arts, TX, Art Museum of South Texas Institute for the Arts, Corpus Christi, TX, Art Alliance Center at Clearlake, TX, McNay Art Museum and Southwest School of Arts, San Antonio, TX. 

Lawrence’s work is in private collections through out the United States.