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Recent Works:

Patrick (P.S.) Gordon

Artist Statement

At this time of my life, age 62, I am still curious about the act of painting. No longer are there questions about my personal identity, my authenticity as an artist or my body of work.

I did my first solo showing of ink drawings and oil paintings in the summer of 1965. The exhibit of maybe twenty pieces was exhibited in a 900 square foot office in a strip shopping center in Claremore, Oklahoma. My father had built the shopping center and the office was yet unoccupied.

He encouraged me to do the show.

I was 12 years old.

I sold one painting for $60.00.

From that point on, I knew what I would do with my life.


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Patrick (ps) Gordon, was born in Claremore, Oklahoma in 1953.

He attended Claremore Public Schools through High School graduation in 1971. During the periods of 1965 -1971 Gordon attended Rogers State University (formerly known as Oklahoma Military Academy Junior College) where he acquired college credits toward his degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts, from the University of Tulsa, in 1974; that was followed by Graduate School Studies in watercolor under the direction of his mentor, Glenn Godsey of the University of Tulsa.

In 1974, at age 20, Gordon had his first one man showing of watercolor still life paintings in New York at the Graham & Sons Gallery of New York City. Graham & Sons Gallery is the oldest gallery in the United States.

Gordon moved to West 57th Street’s, Fischbach Gallery in the early 1980’s where he had many one man and group shows through 2015 when the gallery closed its doors.

Gordon spent nearly nine years living and working in New York City. After almost a decade he decided to return to Tulsa. Locally, Gordon showed with M.A. Doran Gallery and Joseph Gierek Fine Arts, Tulsa’s finest art dealers. Currently Gordon shows his own work from his beautiful Maple Ridge studio and home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.