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New Work by AHHA Studio Artists

December 5, 2014  –  January 4, 2015

AHHA Creative Studios + Main Gallery




"Page From A Yellow Book 3" John Bryant

“Page From A Yellow Book 3”


Who: I take photos, draw, print, and make collages. My work is a visual, not verbal, experience. 
Then: Born in Oklahoma. Raised in Texas. Back to Oklahoma for university. Off to Japan.
Now: Live and work in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Why: I like making visual art. I enjoy both the process and the end result. I am fortunate to possess the resources to do what I enjoy.


"Leave It All Behind"

“Leave It All Behind”


For me, photography changed from more than a way of merely recording life as we see it several years ago. It quickly became an escape from the trials of daily life and a way of putting into balance many questions I have about not only my own psyche, but a way of understanding the complicated questions we all have about human nature, fear and the power of emotions.  I wanted to be able to actually record feelings through my photographs, or perpetuate a place where an emotional response could be borne. When that happened, I quickly found that through completing a concept it also created a place where I could put troubles or issues that were on my mind.

I am a Native American and native Oklahoma artist whose works are often inspirational and sometimes frightening but always very personal.  I use the art of self portraiture to capture unique images which enable me to depict the everyday feelings and emotions of certain joy, inner turmoil and a sense of connectedness to both the tangible and intangible nature of the world we live in.

"This Year's Model"

“This Year’s Model”

JOHN HAMMER first realized he was an artist in the 3rd grade. Since then, he’s never thought of being anything else (well, maybe a rock star – but that’s it!).

 Throughout John’s primary school years, he most enjoyed the art of pencil and ink drawings. He won several art competitions and that inspired him to keep developing his skills. When it came time for college, he decided to pursue a degree in Commercial Art. At that time, hand skills were the primary tools used to produce projects for clients. Once computer technology took over the design field, he found himself developing those computer design skills and drawing less. But, he never lost the desire to pursue his fine art.

 In May, 2012, the day arrived that John would launch into that pursuit. He picked up a paintbrush and took off on an exciting new direction in his career. In a variety of subject matter, his design background and love of color really stand out in his current work. This style has been described  as “Pop Impressionism”.

As John follows his fine art vision, the goals are to keep his art diverse and his expressions varied. He says, “I’ll always paint and pursue new mediums, but I won’t forget my first love…the pencil”.

 You can find more of John’s artwork @ and through

"From Lamb to Ram"

“From Lamb to Ram”


The process of making art is an adventurous journey for me. I enjoy working intuitively. The materials I use are anything from yarn to turkey neck bones to combed cat hair. I like fiber art because it offers much variety. I love using my hands to create weavings, coiled pieces and beading.

I was born in Corpus Christi, TX and moved to Laredo a year later. I was drawn to the bright, vibrant colors and high energy which was even more noticeable after crossing the river into Nuevo Laredo. My Mother was an artist and encouraged me to use my imagination when creating art.

I’ve enjoyed making the collaborative pieces while learning from each other. It is so true that two heads are better than one.

Visit Sharyl’s website:

"Pink and Blue Group I" Daniel Sutliff

“Pink and Blue Group I”


With my artwork I’m always trying to convey a sense of motion, mutation, and disintegration. Something kinetic and alive. 

The bright colors add a vibrant and chaotic element. The subject matter is a reflection of my various obsessions with classic video game culture, cartoons, and underground comics.