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Artist Bios

werewolf1Sarah McKemie was born in 1980 and is a native of Oklahoma. Since receiving her B.F.A. in photography from Columbia College in Chicago in 2008, she has shown her work in numerous exhibits nationally. Her photography and video works operate at the intersection of documentary and artifice.

At the heart of her work is a concern with intimacy and humility. She has examined these themes in projects such as Dear You,which looks at the fragility of friendship, and Tulsa, which traces the meaning of hometown. In these works and others she considers the nature of perseverance and our search for connection.
Her recent work focuses on performance and improvisation, themes she is exploring in a series of video projects with groups in the community. These projects are informed by her current Master’s training in Social Work. This move to improvisational work has also led to Unscripted Play, her collaboration with Ieke Trinks.

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Photo by Margo Leerink

Ieke Trinks lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Her work mainly focuses on live art, which includes performance art, interventions in public space, and collaborative projects with other artists and/or participants. Guiding her work are two abiding questions: ‘what is performance?’ and ‘how does it relate to our everyday life?’

Her performances often result in absurd situations that play with our interpretations and expectations in response to a particular written text. She engages with simple, everyday routines, focusing our attention on aspects of life that seem repetitive, mundane, or unnoticed. Her work shows an attempt to control, to make sense out of chaos, to make rules, to create systems, and to keep order. She concentrates on small details, which at first appear to be unimportant.

The involvement of participants has recently become more a part of her work, with projects such as in ‘110 seconds’ (produced for Radio Voicemail, 2013) and ‘Stacking’ (developed during a residency at the Living Arts of Tulsa, 2013).

Trinks has presented in various venues in Europe, South America, USA and Canada. She is part of a performance collective called TRICKSTER that works with “emergent-form composition,” a practice of improvisation using sound, movement, objects, actions and text. Since 2009 Trinks has been the organizer and curator for PAE (Performance Art Event) in Rotterdam.

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