Creative Lab 2

3D Arts

Creative Lab 2 houses classes and workshops in 3D media, such as jewelry making, metalsmithing, and sculpture. 

Metal Fabrication Studio Hours

Metal Open Studios gives artists who have experience with metals the opportunity to work and use the equipment in Creative Lab 2. Artists work on an independent basis to produce their own projects while a studio supervisor is present. Metal Open Studios is designed specifically for individuals who have demonstrated an appropriate level of experience in metals and are granted access to work in one or more metal fabrication techniques. While artists are not required to have extensive experience in their chosen medium, we do require that they can use the facilities correctly, independently, safely and with consideration for other artists at the discretion of the studio supervisor/instructor.

Open Studio Hours


Thursdays from 4-9 PM
Sundays from 12-7 PM


$10 Per Session
Per person


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