A New EXPERIENCE coming May 2020

THE EXPERIENCE: IMAGINE is a completely new art environment that will open in May 2020. IMAGINE continues ahha’s tradition of large-scale, semi-permanent, interactive art. More details to come.

Lead Artists

Andy Arkley

Andy Arkley is a visual artist, musician and animator and who often combines these disciplines in his work. At the core of his practice is an emphasis on making work that is collaborative, focusing on the connection that happens between people when they collaborate successfully. He strives to create work that is inclusive and invokes elation. Andy’s work has been shown at the wndr museum in Chicago, the Bellevue Arts Museum, MadArt Studio, Bumbershoot and Pictoplasma. He has a BA from The Evergreen State College where he studied animation and electronic music. He has received awards from 4Culture and Artist Trust. He is a member of the sound collage duo The Bran Flakes, and was also a founder of the art team LET’S (now inactive). He is married to the artist Julie Alpert, who is a current fellow at the Tulsa Artist Fellowship.

Justice David Gutierrez

Justice David Gutierrez is an artist recently relocated to Tulsa from Oklahoma’s big brother to the south, Texas. He has released many short films, music videos and art goods through an art studio and online shop called Warm Bubblegum.  He earned a BA in Graphic Design from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, where he focused on animation, illustration, and art direction. Justice’s work is often a mashup of his interests in writing, music, goofs and/or gags (humor) and new technologies. During the day, he raises two growing pugs.

Katherine Hair

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Katherine Hair received her BFA in printmaking in 2007 from the Kansas City Art Institute. Her work has been exhibited and is included in private and public collections nationally and internationally. Inspired by nature, Hair explores engaging the viewer with imagery that evokes nostalgia and wonder. Many of her current works are paintings but more recently she has begun experimenting with the manipulation of space and has a continued interest in viewer participation. Hair currently lives and works in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is an MFA candidate at the University of Illinois.

Alton Markham

Alton Markham’s art is about exploring the simulation of experience, the elusive nature of authenticity and the internal reconciliations we make between those two. To Alton, art is glimpsing something about humanity, investigating it, sharing it, highlighting it, inviting people to think about it and then question the way that they think about it. Art is meant to shake things up; to brush aside settled dust and uncover hidden gems of understanding. It creates depth, awareness and complexity in anyone who dares give themselves to it.

John White

John White is a Tulsa local and native. He is a technology teacher, robotics coach, drone racer, and mixed media artist who incorporates the technical skills that he teaches in his classroom such as CNC machining, 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics, and programming with his art. He strives to create engaging, innovative, and interactive designs, sculptures, and installations that reach his audience. John loves to give back to his community through both knowledge and art. He wants to inspire others to share their passions and unique talents with their community, whatever they may be.

Emily Simonds

Emily Simonds is a Tulsa based mixed media installation artist and writer who loves to take art to the next level through engineering and interactivity. She strives to blend elegant engineering solutions seamlessly into interactive art installations, challenging her audience to think deeper about the world around them. Since 2009, she has worked with a variety of techniques ranging from airbrush and thermoplastic heat-forming to welding and 3D printing. Specializing in the use of unconventional materials, Emily is inspired by the problems she sees people face in everyday life, and endeavors to bring elements of fantasy and wonder to the solutions.

Emily Simonds and John White form our first Lead Artist team and will be working together to bring a single concept to life.


THE EXPERIENCE relies on support from the community to come to life. Sponsorship opportunites are available. Please contact Development Director Hillary Sutton for more information: hsutton@ahhatulsa.org or 918-584-3333.

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Artist images by John Bivens