The Gallery

Ever-changing. Always moving.

THE GALLERY at ahha is a contemporary environment designed to support and affirm the furthest reaches of artistic vision and promote participatory audience experiences. Ahha does not have a permanent collection. By design, we host an ever-changing series of exhibits presented by individual artists and collectives. As part of our mission to educate the public about the arts, we are committed to showing work by artists with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and opinions. It’s also our role to provide a safe space to discuss artists’ work and intentions. THE GALLERY is located on the first floor of the ahha Hardesty Center.

Art Year-round


Ahha hosts exhibitions from local and traveling artists year-round in THE GALLERY. 


Large-scale, fully immersive art installation that invites participants to explore a fantastical, multimedia environment through sight, sound, movement, and touch.

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Past Exhibitions