An Immersive Art Experience

Open through December 2019

THE EXPERIENCE is an artist-driven, large-scale, fully immersive art installation that invites participants to explore a fantastical, multimedia environment through sight, sound, movement, and touch. This ambitious project has completely transformed the second floor of the Hardesty Center. Five local lead artists guided the creative direction of the project. The art itself takes the form of fantastical multimedia for guests to experience and interact with as they move through the space. 


Watch this preview video for a taste of this art adventure. Footage was captured in May 2018 before installation was complete!


Lead Artists

David Reed James

Laurie Keeley

Jeremy Lamberton

JP Morrison Lans

Daniel Sutliff

Lead Artist Biographies

David Reed James has been a professional sculptor for more than 20 years. Since 1997 he has created huge, immersive sets and props for more than 50 major motion pictures including Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Team America, Jurassic World, National Treasure, Indiana Jones, Kill Bill, The Grinch, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2. His personal work employs whimsical conceptual and kinetic elements often created using discarded and repurposed materials. A great-stellated-dodecahedron shape made from real cheese pizza slices and a moving ring of dominoes that perpetually knock themselves down are some examples. In the summer of 2013 he moved to Tulsa where he spends his free time with his 9-year-old daughter.

I combine botanicals and found objects into something innovative and fresh. This is how I communicate with my community: contemporary designs in harmony with nature.  I strive for a stimulating experience, one which turns the viewer into a participant with their surroundings. Drawn to the unique and unorthodox, I see art in the mundane and the ordinary. My work is based on a reinvention, creating environments that stimulate and engage on multiple levels of consciousness and perception. This is what I do.

Jeremy Lamberton has produced art and film for over 20 years in Tulsa. His taste rooted in the surreal, Lamberton’s art uses seemingly ordinary images to reimagine time, space, and object. These shifts are accomplished through minimal editing techniques that typically begin as a single image edited repeatedly and intuitively. Jeremy’s work transforms ordinary situations; and through iterations, anthropomorphism, and repetition creates a disorienting experience.   Lamberton carries the same leanings into his more cinematic efforts. Film credits include- director/ producer for “Biker Fox”, released and distributed by Cinedigm, and Producer for “Gorgeous Vortex” for the popular horror franchise “V/H/S: VIRAL” by Magnolia Pictures.  In addition to his own artistic practice and film credits, Jeremy has been heavily involved with the Tulsa arts community for the past 20 years. His main capacity being the Co-Founder/Co-Director of the TULSA OVERGROUND FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL, an annual event showcasing innovative films, bands, and new media from around the world.   Lamberton considers all his efforts working in common towards his artistic vision and his desire for the absurd to exist. Inherent to his practice is an enthusiasm to expand audiences and their perceptions whether through curation, film production, or his artwork.

JP Morrison Lans’ career began in 2000 when, at age sixteen, her figurative work was accepted for her exhibition, “Color” at the Tulsa Artists’ Coalition. In 2007, Lans received her BFA from The Kansas City Arts Institute. During her time in Kansas City, Lans co-owned and curated the Grothaus+Pearl Gallery. Lans returned to Tulsa in 2008 and continuing her work dedicated to the human experience; The “Beguiled Series” focused on subverting female rolls in fairytales and was followed by the “Luminescent Series” centered on the play of light against skin. In 2011, Lans received the Spotlight Honorarium from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition to create “Mono-No-Aware”, an installation about the passage of time and how we carry our memories. Lans moved to Queensland, Australia in 2012. There she began the “Rorschach Series” of mirrored/mimicked figures and her piece “Mermaid” was purchased for the permanent collection of the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery. In 2014, Lans returned to Tulsa and began work on “Wundrian” an installation for the New Genre Festival, 2015. “Wundrian” marked the beginning of Lans’ work animating drawings with LED and playing with concepts of home as self-portrait, fort building and evoking wonderment through immersive art.

I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I started drawing when I was pretty young and I never really stopped. I’ve always been compelled and addicted to creating things. Whether it’s drawing, painting, making music, or making videos, I don’t have to think about it. The urge is always there. I just sit down and go to work.  My creative work includes painting, drawing, installations, music, video, and mural projects. I perform my own music and make videos under the name Daniel(s). I’m also in a band called And There Stand Empires.    


Winter 2017 – Spring 2018


June 30, 2018

Public Opening

December – 2019

Last Look


Yes. During installation of THE EXPERIENCE, first floor gallery exhibitions will proceed as normal and will continue after THE EXPERIENCE opens. The second floor will have limited access during the installation phase.

Our inaugural group of Lead Artists was selected for their vast experience in many different disciplines. Lead Artists receive a stipend and materials budget for the project. In the future, artists will be selected through a Call to Artists application process.

The second version of THE EXPERIENCE, THE EXPERIENCE: IMAGINE is will open May 2020. 

Cultivating creativity by supporting artists and creating dynamic programming is at the core of ahha’s mission and has been for decades. THE EXPERIENCE offers new access to experiential art that is unlike anything else currently in Tulsa.

Want to sleep in the Siestamatic?

The sleep of tomorrow…today!

Sleep in THE EXPERIENCE in David Reed James’ creation, the Siestamatic during public hours. Get some zzzz’s in Tulsa’s most creative art environment, all while being observed by other visitors and taking part in an art installation. Here’s to art and snoozing!  

Sleepers must be 18 or older or accompanied by an adult. An ahha admission ticket a or current membership is required and the Siestamatic is available on a first come, first served basis. Tickets are $10.95 for adults and $6.95 for youth and may be purchased onsite.  Your admission ticket will also give you access to THE EXPERIENCE, THE GALLERY, and THE STUDIO!


Contributing Artists

Alchemy Design

Jesse Benson

Germain Betances

Andrew Bones

Shane Brown

Torey Brown, Brownwood

Beth Burgess

Lydia Cheshewalla

Dark Matter Visuals

Seth Dazey

Chris Dearner

Chance Dobson

Annie Ellicott

Jake Fowler

Carmen Frances

Eric Fransen

James Gallagher

Pat Garrett

Joseph Gilbert

Destiny Jade Green

Andrew Harmon

Rachel Hayes

Geoffrey Hicks

David Horne

Alisa Inglett

Mark Kuykendall

Barrie Lamberton

Jonathan Lans

Jeremy Luther

Cynthia Marcoux

Mery McNett

Daniel Mooney

Drew Morgan

RC Morrison

Hunter Nesbitt

David Noble

Joe Nurre

Amy Petrikin

Jonathan Pierce

James Plumlee

Erin Rappleye

Chris Regan

Elvis Ripley

Matthew Ruyle

Eric Sall

Barry Simpson

Charles Kevin Smith

Mark Southerland

Sarah Sullivan

The Novelists Music Group

Tyler Thrasher

Georgia Vaughn

Michelle Wamego

Chris Wollard

Special Thanks

Claire Andoe

John Boyce

Alisa Brooks

Cheyenne Butcher

Jose Salvador Calles

Cascia Hall

Yugyung Choi

Monica Conners

Chris Dearner

Christy Dillon

Chance Dobson

Nicole Donaldson

Chris Faith

Linden Graves

Damien Hartzell

Floyd Hinman

Kate Ichinose

Jan Irwin

Patrick Keeley

Beverley Keeley

Josh Lamberton

Jeff Lamberton

Sean Lans

Rob Lans

Emily Lans

Valery Lyman

Vicki Morrison

Ali Pearcy

Dustin Profit

Joe Rushmore

John Sawyer

Kate Sheckarski

Margo Starr

Teegarden Studios

The BMX House

The Factory Obscura Team

Tulsa Boys’ Home

Visual FX

Beverly Wissen

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Questions About THE EXPERIENCE?

Program Inquiries

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This project would not be possible without the imagination, collaboration, and enthusiasm of our friends and supporters. Thank you!